Stop On By These Three Wonderful Restaurants In Charlotte NC

Just this afternoon I ran into a friend that told me she was heading up north to Charlotte for awhile. It’s a great city if you haven’t been before, and did you know that there are approximately 2000 restaurants there? I’ve discussed several of them in past articles, and now I have the privilege of highlighting three more for you. Take note of these popular establishments in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Up first is 300 East, and it is located at 300 East Boulevard. I bet you didn’t know the name was about its location, did you? Brownies are on the menu highlights, and guess what, so is sweet potato ravioli. That’s a very unique dish. Have you heard of it before? That is a new one for me, and as for other delicious menu highlights, there is hanger steak, baked marinated goat cheese, various sandwiches and more.

Now for the second restaurant, I want to tell you about a place called Cafe South. I love to talk about cafes, so I certainly picked this top establishment on purpose. It is located on Forest Pine Drive, and one person said it was across from the hotel they stayed at in Charlotte. Now that is convenient of course, and the menu highlights for this place are scrumptious. It is a cafe, so what have you got to lose if you ask me.

Yes, I have a thing for cafes. Now, there is one more Charlotte restaurant I want to bring to your attention. It is a brewery actually, and it is called Heist Brewery. What a name, right? Located on North Davidson Street, this place is going to serve you up some great brews, beer cheese, burgers, pretzels and so much more. Plus, they have a buffet on Sundays. You have three more great places to try in Charlotte NC now, so it is time to eat some good food.

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