NC woman loses 2 daughters in separate car crashes in one week

Ciera McCorkle, Ambra Hunt


A North Carolina woman is mourning the loss of two of her daughters, both of whom were killed in separate car crashes last week.

Larissa McCorkle’s youngest daughter, 25-year-old Ciera McCorkle, died Saturday afternoon in a collision with a marked Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police vehicle.

Investigators said an off-duty police officer was driving a Ford Explorer when Ciera’s Honda Accord entered the intersection. Police said the officer’s Explorer hit the left side of Ciera’s car.

Ciera was rushed to the hospital where she died. Investigators said speed was not a factor in the crash.

Exactly a week before Ciera died, Larissa’s daughter, Ambra Hunt, was killed in a crash on Interstate 77 in Charlotte.

Highway Patrol troopers said Ambra was driving in the center lane when her Nissan broke down.

Investigators said the hazard lights were on but another car hit Ambra’s vehicle.

Troopers said there were three other people in the car with Ambra. Two, including Ambra, died.

"At this point, I’m tired. I’m broke, don’t have no words," Larissa told WBTV. "I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it at all. I didn’t believe it when the police officer told us in the room. I had to have some kind of proof. I had to see a tattoo. I had to see her hair. I had to see something."

Larissa has four other children.

Ambra was the oldest of six. Ciera was the youngest of the three daughters.

"They were both loving. I guess they couldn’t live without each other. That’s how I’m thinking about it right now," Larissa said. "One called the other one. The other one called the other one – say come on up here and that’s how it went."

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