Charlotte Nc Is Home to Many of the State’s Professional Franchises

Charlotte NC is the biggest city in the state in terms of population, and the surrounding county is the most populous within the state as well. So, it should come as no shock that the city is home to some of the state’s most notable professional franchises.

Major league professional sports first came to North Carolina in the late 1980s when the NBA expanded, bringing the Hornets franchise to the Queen City. The team played there for over a decade before leaving for New Orleans. However, the NBA quickly rewarded the city with a new franchise in the Bobcats. A deal was struck later on between the new franchise and old, as New Orleans wanted to rebrand itself to something more oriented to Louisiana. That allowed the Bobcats to reclaim all legacy and records that happened in Charlotte under the original franchise.

The success of the Hornets early on was astounding in terms of leading the league in attendance. It convinced NFL owners that a team in the Carolinas was viable, and after a year playing in South Carolina, the Carolina Panthers started taking the field, making two Super Bowl appearances already.

Charlotte also has minor league teams in other sports, notably the baseball Knights and hockey Checkers. Rugby, lacrosse, soccer, roller derby, indoor football, and even women’s basketball have happened here at some point or another.

One interesting point about major league teams in the state of North Carolina is that the NHL expansion went to the Triangle area instead, and the Carolina Hurricanes became the first major league championship team for the state when they won the Stanley Cup some years back.

At the time of writing this, there was debate going on as to whether or not the city government of Charlotte should fund a stadium that might draw a major league soccer expansion.

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